Guidelines for Students  

1.     Students should always carry the Almanac to the school.

2.     No child should leave his/her classroom without the class pass/ activity pass.

3.     Lending or borrowing money and other articles is not permitted.

4.     The school will not be responsible for any goods lost. Students are advised not to bring valuables like costly watches and fountain pen etc.

5.     Students should use handmade jute or paper bags instead of poly-bags.

6.     Permitted vehicles must be kept locked. Riding cycles or motor bike in the school premises is strictly prohibited.

7.     Students who use the school bus should observe safety norms and conduct.

8.     Students should obey House prefects, class monitors and other students on duty.

9.     Students should attend school in proper uniform.

10.   Students should not be allowed to leave the school during working hour, unless the authorized person, whose signatures are on the first page of the diary, comes in person to make the request.

11.   Students should carry school identify cards to school every day.

12.   Students should be regular and punctual.

13.   Students should not indulge in disruptive activities. Any loss or damage caused to the school property because of such activities will be reprimanded for the same.

14.    The school has the right to take severe action against the students who are found guilty of misconduct and their names are liable to be removed from the school rolls.

15.    Students should not carry mobile phones, i-pads or any other electronic gadgets to school.

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