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DAV Centres for learning and excellent specimen of Arya Samaj, a heading advancement  established by Swami Dayanand Saraswati in 1875.  Swami Dayanand, a dignified path maker of modern India, led a strife against the sick practices and eyeless faiths that were profoundly rooted in the India.

            To frame a sound and balanced fostering of the coming generation of our country and to  instill in them the paragons of Vidic Culture and top sense of patriotism, Arya Samaj put a foundation of a learning centre at Lahore in 1886 by the name of Dayanand Anglo Vedic School. This establishment framed the DAV College Trust & Management Society, Which later prepared a series of such educational centres all over country and beyond too.

            DAV movement secured momentum and motion due to the dedicated and committed services of energetic and sparking graduate Mahatma Hansraj, the first Principal of the first DAV school at Lahore.  He bestowed his selfless contributory services without pocketing even a single coin from the institution.


At present, it’s the largest Non-Governmental Educational Organization in the country, managing more than 700 learning centres.  The DAV Movement has rendered a unique service in not only uprooting ignorance and illiteracy but also by producing a real patriot, freedom fighters, social reformer, intellectuals, doctors, engineers of matchless merit, integrity and calibre.  DAV learning centres have cemented faith in co-operation, good -will of the local intelligentsia under the worthy guidance and leadership of a band of devoted principals and their profoundly devoted team-mates.


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