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The School and its sublime objectives

‘Man is a social animal’, in the words of Aristotle is very crucial to visualize.  It’s the learning Vidya’ that dispels the amimalic spirits from us  human being.

DAV Schools offer genial surrounding for holistic fostering of the whole personality and its blend with the society, specifically in regference to the Indian context.  Assertive notions are imbibed in learners as regards individual hygience, neatness of uniform, conducive surrounding, splendid manners, obedience and discipline.  To achieve aspired academic strata, individual care is exercised to each learner.  It shall be thankless to forget the whole hearted effort put by versatile genius Mahatma N. D. Grover a popular social reformer & Mr. Sugendra Kumar Singh an enthusiastic social activist and great zeal and most awaited askance of the local mass of Maharajganj came as very firm support in facilitating value based and modern approach learning upto standard 12th.

‘The great aim of education is not knowledge but action; learning combines total concentration towards exploring the unknown and seeking the right.  The ideal education trains a mind into authentic questioning and acceptance with proof and satisfaction.  Education is a blend, a synthesis, an amalgamation of forces that urge curiosity and initiate action, Education is not ever responding the right answer, it is certainly, asking the right question!

To implement all this, we require a sound and competent team to execute this task.  We are fortunate enough to have a team of devoted, industrious and patient teachers to contribute the role of model for the children.  We not only supply remedial classes for poor performing learners but also enhancement classes for those who are vibrant and wish to acquire acme of success in the field of academic areas.  Making interaction is one of ours sole purpose. To make their learning joyful, we also supply them co-curricular activities like-Demonstration, Experimentation, Project Work, Home Assignment, Playway Methods, Mircro-Teaching etc.  We strongly believe in child-centred learning. Each child whether interested or not is brought to fore the activities like recitation, mimicry, acting and so many rests echo in the campus.

The ever heading success of DAV Schools lies in the harmonious blend of science and technology and a sound grounding of Vedic Culture.  The sole aim of DAV Schools is to inculcate in the students a thirst for knowledge, devotion for duty, sincerity, and patriotic zeal besides humanism.  We impart an education ‘to build’ and an education ‘to play’.

Books are great ornaments to our cerebral faculty. The most maximum number of books enriching our library reveals varieties of flavour for reading tastes of our learners.  Books are also said to be ‘Never Failing Friends’. To sustain a sound reading habit, we provide a spacious and informative library that teems with numerous of books an various subjects.  Gradually, we are accumulating a lot of books, viewing the taste of our readers.

What we are, can be identified by the company around us, since last nine years, our children have met numerous skilled and expert personalities of various spheres and were highly enriched with the motivational ideas of the visitors, furthermore, we expect to invite such inspiring and motivational personalities in our school.

The more curious you are; the more informative you feel’, is being exercised in the matter of science.  To shape our learners more pragmatic, we facilitate them science labs enough in number so that they may explore and quench their scientific thirst.  These pragmatic approaches are operated in the able guidance of trained and skilled teachers and lab assistants.

To ignore utility and relevance of computer is to put ourselves into a gloom and bleak world.  Our computer labs reflect a lively instance of modern world. Enough numbers of computer sets have been installed to meet the need of each learner.

Maths is not an activity that can be undermined within pen-paper. So we have setup a Maths lab to make it profoundy extensive.  To know our geographical bounds, historical facts and political issues, we are heading a lab for the same. Though, we facilitate many vehicles through our transport team yet we intend to maximize their numbers. Safety measures of our children in the vehicles have been our serious concern.
‘No discipline, No society’, is a mantra where we stand by and are great champion of it.  We are very much vigilant so far as discipline matters.

Specifically, the girl children are eyed under great care. Every child is expected to abide by the general guidelines determined by the school.  Also, they are supposed to follow healthy habits and refined, cultured manners.  ‘Rod is mode to correct a child’: we strongly disapprove of it.

Sound health is a key to unlock all the intricacies of one’s life…. The school enjoys a conducive atmosphere between flora and fauna to provide all round development of a child.  The school has installed R.O. system to provide potable water for the children. Thus, we can prevent many water generated troubles from our children.  We also conduct random seeing of the dishes, our children have in their lunch. Next awaited step is to appoint some medical staff to ensure the basic medical need of our children.
          Summing up my views, I do stand by with the words of Margaret Mead.                       
                 ‘Children must be taught how to think, not what to think’
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